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  • Pacific Dragon II - Make/Model: Performance Cruising Gemini 105 Catamaran. Length 34 feet.  Displacement: 9000 lbs.  Location: SF Bay. Further details are available on http://www.geminicatamarans.comAfter over 20 years of reading sailing magazines and owning and crewing on many boats I selected the Gemini 105 as the boat that provides the best combination of:
    • Manageability:  The boat can be handle by a single person and easily maneuvered in close quarters for docking.  The Gemini's stern drive (currently outboard on my boat with electro-steer) that steers with the rudders provides the ultimate in control at low speeds.  Boats with twin diesels do have a slight control advantage but at significant cost.  Also since the twin diesels are located low in each hull they take valuable cabin space as well as detrimentally effect performance under sail since the propellers can not be raised out or the water.  Also the potential for leaks is increased since the drive lines pass through the hull below the water line.  This ability of the stern leg to lift out the water also allows for a much larger more efficient prop to be fitted since there is no concern of the drag created under sail.
    • Shallow water capability: After having a boat in the SF bay area for ten years, I have come to realize that most areas offer limited depth.  Most of the marinas suffer from a silting forcing deep draft boats to carefully plan any movement.  The Gemini's 18 inch draft allows the boat to go where only board sailors can go.  Even power boats can not manage is such shallow water.  Given the 1200 miles of shallow delta, the Gemini is the perfect boat to explore in.
    • Livability:  The Gemini operates with only a 5-7 degrees of heel even in the most extreme conditions. Put that together with having more space than your average 45 ft mono-hull and you have a vary comfortable boat to stay on for extended time.  One night rolling in a anchorage on a mono-hull will convince you of the value of having a catamaran.
    • Value: Since the boat is produced in number rather than on a custom basis the boats sell for less than any other boat its size with excellent finish, quality of construction, and quality hardware that is well thought out.  The boat really was one of the biggest draws at the 2002 Pacific Expo held in Oakland. 



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