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Out of all the things on the boat the most trouble free over the last 6 years has been the AGM batteries and their 20 amp charger.  They have faithfully provided power and kept the batteries charged with no issues at all.  You can not do better than that.  

The E-POD system is similarly simple in that there are almost no moving parts.  The controls for the motors and the motors themselves are the only moving parts.  The DC motors most likely will out live me by a considerable number of years.  The only item to change would the be the rear seal on the motor, bearings and brushes.  I would assume the seals and zincs should be changed every 2-5 years and cost no more than 150 bucks.  The only other cost is the battery bank (each is composed of 4- Odyssey PC2250 heavy duty AGM Maintenance free batteries) which has a design lifetime of 12 years.  I think with the limit amount of motoring I tend to do it will last that long or longer.

Letís compare that to the issues the Gemini Owners are having with drive legs bearings and lock down issues, raw water pumps, glow plugs relays, alternator failures, heat exchanger issues, oil changes, etc.  I understand engines need maintenance, but even so I am continually amazed by the issues on the forum which are dominated by the engine and the drive leg problems.  I already know everything that will go wrong with the engine and drive leg and at how many hours of use to expect it to happen at.  This owners forum is one of the primary reasons that I was so willing to convert.   


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