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Non-polluting solution that Generate Power Under Sail

The perfect solution would allow you to "be totally independent of shore power and fuel utilizing sailing power to generate all the energy you need."  After looking at all the available options, there is no question that a water generator is the most efficient way to generate power while sailing.  I have looked into the available produces such as the Duogen and other towed charging solutions available and they produce far more than any solar or wind generator could hope to.  The problem with these systems is the connection to the boat.  The Duogen seems especially fragile and complicated and towed water generators in general have major issues with dealing with the heavy spinning line being towed behind the boat.   It makes more sense that any water generator be connected below the waterline down were there is less turbulence and  that it should be permanently attached to the boat.

Thus, the e-pod units also seem the perfect design to capture the power under sail. 

This is how I envision it to work during a normal day sailing.  You set the e-pod to drive the boat at a modest 1.5 knots and set sail.  As soon as the boat hits 5 knots you should have more than enough power to generate the required voltage to begin charging the batteries; and the faster you go the more power will be captured.  Slow down as in tacking and the motors are still pushing you enough to make a tack even without back-winding the jib (which can be a serous problem sometimes in a light cat.) 

Likewise when sailing to windward in heavy seas, I would set the e-pods to push at least 3 knots while sailing. When you slow down going up the wave the e-pods help keep you moving. As soon as you go over and speed up the power is recaptured and regenerated into the batteries improving your overall performance thought the waves by keeping the boat moving as it encounters each wave.  You donít charge as much but you donít slow down as much either and have better overall speed.


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