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Reducing the Noise and Vibration

One of the nicest things about sailing is how peaceful it can be and how wonderful to allow the wind to push you along so effortlessly.   However, with the diesel I was forced to run the engine for 10 minutes to warm it up before I can leave the marina.  Upon returning, I am again forced to wait the required 10 minutes warm up time before engaging the diesel to return to the marina.  So typically the diesel engine would run just as long to warm up as it does driving the boat.  When it was running everyone moves away from the loud vibrating beast.  Communications with the crew is problematic and makes docking even more tense than it would otherwise be.  Everyone is so relieved when the engine is switched off.

Both the E-Pods and the Honda 15hp are much quieter in operation than the diesel engine.   The E-Pods are especially silent and give the boat a ghost ship quality when moving under their power, which I find particularly compelling. Also the E-Pods with their limited range due to my small battery banks encourage me to raise sail as soon as possible and wait much longer to drop sail.  I tended to want to run the diesel engine longer since it so rarely got utilized; in other words more than half the time I use the diesel is simply because I understand it is better to be run longer even though I hate using it.  In 6 years, I have less than 250 hours on the engine; almost all of them were running it for maintenance purposes.  Far less than 50 hours were actually moving the boat.

The e-pod 3000 however do have their own noise and vibration.  This is both good and bad; the noise which is a low hum gives instant feedback as to the state of the system; they are quieter pushing than charging so the transition to charging is clearly noticed as the boat speed up when sailing. It also acts as an aid to tell if they are helping you along or slowing you down.  Like any sound it would be better not to have it, but everything is a compromise and I hardly notice them anymore.



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