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Forestay Toggle Fix

Boat: Pacific Dragon II
Make/Model: 2002 Performance Cruising Gemini 105mc

While inspecting the rigging, I noticed that the lower cotter pin on the forestay toggle was deforming and the toggle itself was starting to spread.  It seems that the pin is longer than it needs to be which has a tendency to allow the load to shift to one side of the toggle.  This off-balance load causes the toggle to deform placing increasing load on the cotter pin.  The fix was pretty simple.  I took a small c-clamp and closed down the toggle bringing it back together and then added a couple washers to the pin to keep the toggle from spreading.  That fix has resolved the issue as after several years there is no tendency for the toggle to shift or distort the cotter pin.   When I originally discovered the problem, I posted it on the Gemini Owner's forum and an surprising number of people had the same issue.  Here is the picture:



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