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Here is the stuff that I really think is interesting but does not have is own category. 

  • Sailing Stories about Sailing and Cruising - I have always been drawn to the sea and something about the wind through the rigging makes me feel at home on the water at the helm.  Over the last 30 years I have owned over 10 boats both power and sail plus a few dinghies that I lost count of and once in a while something happens worth mentioning.
  • SCUBA Diving - I have been diving regularly for the last 18 years, mostly in the Red Sea, Monterey Bay and Carmel Canyon in California.  Most recently I have been laying mooring for the yacht club for the last three years in the Arabian Gulf's, Half Moon Bay.  It is challenging work installing helix screw anchors in 20 feet of water in a sand bottom.  Once you stir up the bottom you are working in zero visibility with sand all around you.  The key is to stay calm and focus on the work; easier said then done.  Also I have made a couple trips to the Red Sea's Farasan Banks which were pretty fantastic. I have a nice photo gallery of the last trip.
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